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Now, if you’ve clicked this link, then you must be new here. This page explains how Love Will Save the Day works.

The red button after the pleasantries links through to that week’s mixtape. The mixtape is always thirty tracks long, and the order is intentional – so it’ll sound better if you listen without shuffle on. It builds and, hopefully, flows. Each week I pick songs from a really long list of stuff that I’ve found that week – sometimes it’s brand new, sometimes it’s old – but it’s always music that I think is brilliant. The music varies a lot week by week, so you might not be into it every week, but stick with us.

Below that is the TL:DR (too long, didn’t read) section, which is a collection of links to interesting stuff I’ve found this week in culture. It’s in bullet points so you can read it even if you’re short of time. Below that bit is where I usually write some rambling Notes that are loosely themed around stuff I’ve found, thoughts I’ve had, and sometimes more explanation of some of the music that I’ve included.

The email lands at 11am every Friday, and if you like it, I’d love for you to share it with your friends ❤️.

If you’ve got any suggestions for interesting links then please reply to the email and send them! Equally, if you’ve got music that you’d like to share then we have a collaborative playlist for music. Sharing is most definitely caring 😊.

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