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How are you? I hope you’re keeping safe, and staying happy and healthy. There’s a whole bunch of new people this week – so hello, welcome to our community. I hope you enjoy getting this email as much as I enjoy putting it together.

Working from home at the moment means I’m surrounded by records, and while record shops and digging through my own collection has always had an impact on how I put each mixtape together, at the moment it’s having a huge impact. In pre-COVID-19 times, my process would start by digging through 100s of Spotify playlists to find unexpected songs – now I’m doing the same, but digging through my own record collection. It’s giving me a sense of calm and helping me escape the screen too, which is great. God bless records.

After last week’s OOO mixtape, this week it’s back to full force. It’s broadly inspired by a live-streaming thing I did last weekend, where I was just playing different records I’d bought recently. Now, without structure, I tend to end up in all-out-party territory, but last weekend something different happened, and I went down a rabbit-hole of different rhythms. Partly because that’s what I’ve bought recently, but also because I really enjoyed playing around with wildly different genres,  generations, tempos, and rhythms – with the only consistency being that they all had a similar feeling. Anyway, I’m rambling. This week I’ve tried to replicate that same feeling – as well as adding in some additional gems too. Everything I’ve picked out this week, I own on record, and at some point this weekend I’ll put the whole thing together as a continuous mix. But for now, it’s the usual mixtape, I hope you like it.

The TL;DR Section is back (and it’s bumper and filled with gold), and while there’s no essay or notes, I have decided to start including a mini-archive of notes and essays so that there’s always something to read (even if it’s not new).

Finally, last week I put out a shout for people that are non-white or non-dudes to get in touch to take on guest editor duties – there was a mega response, so thank you to everyone who got in touch. Some great guest letters coming soon. The point still stands too – if you’re non-white, or non-male, and you’d like to share your story, ideas, and music, then please please please get in touch. Just reply here.

Right, on with the show ❤️. And as ever, please stay safe, stay home, and stay in touch xxx

PS. If you’re new then this is how it worksHere’s what you’ve missed so farAnd this is me.

PPS. If you’re wondering why you’re getting Love Will Save The Day so soon again, then it’s because I’ve taken it back to being weekly while we’re on lockdown in the UK – we all need more music, more culture, and more of each other ☺️

🌪 TL;DR Section 🌪
To read
To watch
To listen to
📖  Old notes  📖
Notes on culture
Notes on music

Notes on mental health

📃 The tracklist  📃
  1. The Hawaiians – Red Sails In The Sunset
  2. Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto – Corcovado
  3. Azymuth – Morning
  4. Al Charles – Outstanding
  5. Yvonne Archer – Ain’t Nobody
  6. Filo Machado – Quero Pouco, Quero Muito
  7. Marcos Valle – Estrelar
  8. Azymuth – Seems Like This
  9. Conclave – Sunny
  10. Alejandro Duran – Cumbia Costena
  11. Nando Carneiro – G.R.E.S. Luxo Artesanal
  12. Gerardo Frisina – Blue Latin
  13. Tradisyon Ka – Latilye Valo
  14. Ivan Conti – Que Legal
  15. Azymuth – Jazz Carnival
  16. Esa – Sábela de Cuba (Afro Synth mix)
  17. Brylho – Joia Rara
  18. Spiking – Liberation Train
  19. Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura – Rumba Tierna (Tenderlonious remix)
  20. Ivan Conti – Ecos da Mata
  21. Eddie Palmieri – Un Dia Bonito
  22. Los Hombres Calientes – Comparsa de Carnival
  23. Daniel Maunick – Macumba Quebrada
  24. Ivan Conti – Bacurau
  25. Dengue Dengue Dengue – Banyuwangi
  26. Equiknoxx – Enter A Raffle… Win A Falafel
  27. Ariwo – Ireme
  28. Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura – Mi Yimboro (Djoyvan remix)
  29. Dengue Dengue Dengue – Dileke
  30. Rhythm & Sound – Let Jah Love Come (Sweet Substance remix)
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See you on the dance floor.
Love Will Save the Day

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