Letter #117


How are you? I hope you and your friends and family are all safe, healthy, and happy.

Big thank you to Jumi for an excellent guest letter last week – her leftfield groove mixtape has barely left my ears all week.

Now, this week. This week has been filled with heartbreak and despair. The systemic racism that exists in not only the US, but around the world, created an environment whereby George Floyd could be tragically and needlessly murdered by a policeman. George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Read their names. Read their stories. Feel the pain of their friends and families.

I’ve been quiet for a long time, and I’ve felt helpless. I’ve always abhorred racism and any form of discrimination, but I’ve been a weak ally. That passivity makes me complicit. In trying to be neither part of the problem, nor part of the solution, I’m actually part of the problem. Racism cannot be eradicated by people being passive and ‘not racist’. It can only be defeated by people being active and actively anti-racist.

I won’t be part of the problem any more. This is a great list of things white people can do to help, and this is a great resource too.

Don’t be like me, don’t be passive.

I will never not believe that Love Will Save The Day, but we all have to be part of the process. Love is not some mysterious force, love is us.

Now, on to more minor matters. I’ve intentionally left the TL;DR Section out this week, because the two links above are the only two that I want to share this week. This week’s mixtape is made up of disco and deep cuts – disco to take us away, deep cuts to give us space to think. Like the letter before last, I put this week’s mixtape together based on records I’ve bought recently, I hope you enjoy.

As ever, please stay safe, stay home, and stay in touch xxx

PS. If you’re new then this is how it worksHere’s what you’ve missed so farAnd this is me.

PPS. If you’re wondering why you’re getting Love Will Save The Day so soon again, then it’s because I’ve taken it back to being weekly while we’re on lockdown in the UK – we all need more music, more culture, and more of each other ☺️

📖  Old notes  📖
Notes on culture
Notes on music

Notes on mental health

📃 The tracklist  📃
  1. Chassol – Music Is God My love
  2. Odyssey – Inside Out
  3. Rene & Angela – I Love You More
  4. First Choice – Smarty Pants
  5. Kenix – There’s Never Been (No One Like You)
  6. Al Kent – Just As Long
  7. Mixed Company – Let’s Go Disco
  8. GQ – Is It Cool
  9. Sergio Mendes – I’ll Tell You
  10. Mildlife – Zwango Zop
  11. Herbie Mann – Stomp Your Feet
  12. Peter Croce – Jaco Disco
  13. Gregory Porter – On My Way To Harlem
  14. Coflo – Lux (Kaidi Tatham remix)
  15. Ben Hauke – Nightwork
  16. Zeitgeist Freedom Energy – Still Swag
  17. Village Of The Sun – TED
  18. Hidden Spheres – Soon We’ll
  19. Strip Steve – Burst
  20. Felipe Gordon – The Semimodular Bird Of Jazz
  21. Daniel Maunick – One Nite Stand
  22. Space Dimension Controller – Planète Contraire
  23. Mr Raoul K – Bara (Pablo Fierro remix)
  24. See Wildblood – Hazy House Vol. 2
  25. Niko Maxon – Light Drizzle
  26. Szare – Kodiak
  27. Martyn Bootyspoon – Tom Tom Club
  28. Elkka – Breathe
  29. Anunaku – Forgotten Tales
  30. India Jordan – For You
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See you on the dance floor.
Love Will Save the Day

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