Letter #12

Hello Autumn, hello friends,

I hope you’ve had a lovely week. Our first party was last week, and I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone that came, and if you couldn’t make it in person I hope you enjoyed the playlist all the same. Here’s to many more ❤️.

As always, you know the drill. The first section; the playlist. The second; the rambling notes. The third; the tracklist.

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This week has a decidedly wonky angle to it. There’s ballads, weird pop, ambient, disco, classic house, jazz, experimental pop, modern classical…

Listen… HERE.

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I think each week I must listen to anything from 300-800 songs, and there’s never a shortage of amazing songs to share. But over the last few weeks, there’s been something amazing happening – you’ve been sharing them back. So, I’d like to set up a special Love Will Save the Day postbox. If you hear something and you think it’s worth sharing – please drop it in here – and thanks for all the brilliant music so far.

So, onto this weeks influences. This week has one totally overbearing influence; Arthur Russell. I finished Tim Lawrence’s Hold On To Your Dreams this week (Tim is one of our family, so massive thank you Tim). For those of you unfamiliar with Russell, he’s one of the unsung heroes of modern pop music, helping to bridge the two disparate worlds of experimental music and pop music. In the process he created classic disco and funktracks, produced and played on seminal albums by bands like Talking Heads, and influenced everyone from Allen Ginsberg to David Mancuso. The book is well worth your time. His work has appeared in previous letters, but this week I’ve included his beautiful love song Love Comes Back, and Let’s Go Swimming. The former was written as he was dying (and written to his partner), and the latter was one of the tracks he was most proud of.

While reading the book, I made an enormous list of references to track down – including both Steve Reich and Philip Glass. Glass makes his debut on our letter this week, with one of his more accessible songs (from seminal album Glassworks); Floe. There’s also a brilliant RBMA lecture with Reich here. Brian Eno also makes his first appearance too – I told you it was a weird week 😃.

Continuing the undercurrent of New York, there’s a new track from LCD Soundsystem (from new album American Dream), which unsurprisingly seemed to match up really neatly with ESG’s UFO, and I Zimbra by Talking Heads. I think I might’ve been born in the wrong era, on the wrong continent. On an LCD Soundsystem tip, I started reading Meet Me In The Bathroom this week, as well as trying to finish the Captain Beefheart biography, and rereading Simon Reynolds’ excellent Rip It Up and Start Again (which I read in my early twenties, and had my mind blown by it!). The latter two were both suggested by my dad, who has an enduring influence on my listening (and collecting) habits, and actually, come to think about it, also introduced me to LCD Soundystem too. Thanks pops, you’re the best ❤️.

There’s also a track by Mount Kimble and Micachu this week, which reminded me of the time I saw Micachu and the Shapes play Nottingham’s Dot to Dot festival (again, with my Dad!) and watched as Micachu played using a vacuum cleaner and children’s toy for the entire set. This track is a little less experimental 😃.

There’s a lot of new jazz out at the moment, including a new Portico Quartet album (here), new stuff from The Comet Is Coming (here), and new work from Ezra Collective too (a lovely Sun Ra cover is in this week). Leading into that trio is a classic from Larry Heard, and one of my favourite recent Folamour tracks. There’s also new music from modern masters of experimentation Hieroglyphic Being and Actress.

Finally, there are a number of tracks on this weeks list that have come from TV and film soundtracks. Now, I’m a reader and listener, not much of a TV watcher (despite my profession). So when I do watch something, I find it really difficult to not end up focusing on the music. I actually think my dream job (other than advertising) would be to someone who chose music for television programs and films. Anyway, we started watching Master of Noneon Netflix recently, and it has one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in a long time. It’s exceptional. This is where the Sylvester track came from, as did the Jones Girls track too.

While I was thinking about other great soundtracks, I remembered Layer Cake. Now this film probably has my favourite film soundtrack of all time. So I had to put XTC’s Making Plans for Nigel on this week’s list.

As always, if you’ve read to here, thanks for indulging me ♥️.

– 📄 –

  1. Gabriel Garzon-Montano – Six Eight
  2. Kurt Vile – Lost my Head There
  3. Arthur Russell – Love Comes Back
  4. Mount Kimble feat. Micachu – Marilyn
  5. Skinny Pelembe – Listen to the Stars
  6. Brian Eno – Golden Hours
  7. XTC – Making Plans for Nigel
  8. ESG – UFO
  9. LCD Soundsystem – Tonite
  10. Talking Heads – I Zimbra
  11. The Jones Girls – You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else
  12. Sylvester – I Need Somebody to Love Tonight
  13. Rainbow Team – Bite the Apple
  14. Change – Lovers Holiday
  15. The Salsoul Orchestra – Magic Bird of Fire (Firebird Suite)
  16. Stephen Encinas – Disco Illusion
  17. Folamour – Home Beyond the Clouds
  18. Larry Heard presents Mr. White – You Rock Me (long version)
  19. Sam IRL – Suave
  20. Soulphiction – Midnight Funk Infinity
  21. Portico Quartet – A Luminous Beam
  22. The Comet Is Coming – Slammin
  23. Marc Moulin – Balek
  24. Ezra Collective – Space is the Place
  25. Jay Hoggard & Anthony Davis – Ujamaa: Spirit of the Ancestors
  26. Hieroglyphic Being – Dimensions of Frequency & Vibrations
  27. Philip Glass – Floe
  28. Arthur Russell – Let’s Go Swimming
  29. Actress – Falling Rizlas
  30. Laurie Anderson – O Superman

See you on the dance floor.

Love Will Save the Day.

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