Letter #13

Hello Friday, hello friends,

I hope you’ve had a lovely week. One of my brothers is getting married this week, so while you’re reading this, I’m likely to be calming the whole family down. Or making matters more stressful by just repeatedly saying “but you know that Love Will Save the Day” like a 1970s gameshow catchphrase.

As always, you know the drill. The first section; the playlist. The second; the rambling notes. The third; the tracklist.

– 👯 –

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The New York influence is strong this week. More good music, and lots of wonderful inspiration. More confirmation that I was born in the wrong decade, and on the wrong continent.

The playlist is… HERE.

– ✏️ –

First of all, thanks to Tim, Nate, and Joe for adding some wonderful new music to the Love Will Save the Day ‘record pool’ – if you have any tracks that you’d love to share, please drop them in here. Also, more on ‘record pools’ here.

As mentioned last week, I’ve been reading Meet Me In The Bathroom. I’m a pretty slow reader, but I’ve nearly finished it. It’s 680 pages long. It’s just that good.

The book covers the mid-90s through to late 00s  New York music scene, paying particular attention to bands and DJs. It’s told by the people who were part of that whole scene, and has had me on a total nostalgia trip this week. I have tried not to be too self-indulgent, and I have succeeded a bit, and failed a lot.

Usually there’s a heavy slant towards soul, funk, and disco on our list. Often there’s weird pop, strange (old and new) jazz, and some experimental stuff. Very rarely there’s angular guitars. This week there’s quite a lot of angular guitars.

Hopefully it still all threads together neatly, and I think that there’s still going to be something for everyone on there. It’s still all brilliant music – but it’s definitely pointing in a direction a few degrees different to usual.

Much like last week, there’s a weird soundtrack influence. However, this time it’s nothing to do with a film I’ve watched, instead connected to a DJ and producer I like – David Holmes. One of the 90s most famous purveyors of soul, funk, and obscure gems, he went on to produce many film soundtracks, help set up DFA Records, and remix a whole host of famous bands. Zero Tolerance felt like an apt way to open proceedings this week, and a natural segue into some weird low slung jazz with guitars.

I told you there’d be guitars.

There’s even a Sun Ra track with guitars that I’ve been sitting on for weeks.

I haven’t been able to get Dutch band Lion’s psychedelic soul track You’ve Got a Woman out of my head for ages now. There was something about the overdubbed vocals that felt like it fell in really nicely with the track from Television that follows. Such a shame it’s inordinately expensive.

I had originally included one of my favourite tracks from the Velvet’s, Sister Ray, which is absolutely worth listening to anyway, but I chickened out as it clocks in at just under twenty minutes long, and there’s an epic six minute section of pure distorted guitar fuzz. Maybe one for another tape.

As the playlist progresses it inevitably pulls towards the late 90s early 00s angular guitars I mentioned above. Massively nostalgic. I was just hitting my prime teenage years as Is This ItHighly Evolved, and No Wow were breaking through. My dad used to make reference to other bands that had had a direct influence on these new bands – so I wanted to include some of the tracks that I first listened to as a spotty 16 year old, that sounded like the bands that I loved, but had been around for thirty years prior to then. This is where Television, The Fall, and Suicide all came from.

Also, I couldn’t put Ghost Rider on without putting also including the breakthrough MIA track that so liberally borrowed from it straight after it too.

My late teens was also the point at which I realised that there was such a strong connection between the two areas of music that I loved – rock and roll, and dance. It might sound naive now, but until DFA Records, LCD Soundsystem (who’s new album is astounding), and the likes of Soulwax and Erol Alkan came along, I’d barely noticed the connections. Looking back at tracks like Warm Leatherette by Grace Jones, I can’t believe I didn’t realise sooner 😃.

As always, if you’ve read to here, thanks for indulging me ♥️.

– 📄 –

  1. David Holmes – Zero Tolerance
  2. Ahmad Jamal – Poinciana
  3. Mahavishnu Orchestra – You Know, You Know
  4. Willie Wright – Right On For The Darkness
  5. Slim Gaillard – Yo Yo Yo (05-25-51)
  6. Sun Ra & His Arkestra – Where Pathways Meet
  7. Lion – You’v Got a Woman
  8. Television – Marquee Moon
  9. The Fall – Totally Wired
  10. The Fiery Furnaces – Gale Blow
  11. Grace Jones – Warm Leatherette
  12. Gang of Four – Damaged Goods
  13. Interpol – Say Hello to the Angels
  14. Suicide – Ghost Rider
  15. MIA – Born Free
  16. The Vines – Get Free
  17. The Von Bondies – No Regrets
  18. The Walkmen – The Rat
  19. The Strokes – New York City Cops
  20. The Kills – The Good Ones
  21. LCD Soundsystem – How Do You Sleep?
  22. The Rapture – Sister Saviour (DFA vocal remix)
  23. DJ Koze – Track ID Anyone (feat. Caribou)
  24. Oni Ayhun – OAR003-B
  25. Not Waving – Where Are We
  26. Fischerspooner – Emerge
  27. Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Frank Sinatra
  28. Neo Maya – I Won’t Hurt You
  29. Melanie De Biasio – Your Freedom is the End of Me
  30. Elan Mähler – I Dream a Highway

See you on the dance floor.
Love Will Save the Day.

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