Letter #47

Good morning / afternoon / evening,

I hope you’ve all had a brilliant week! I’m still in New York, and it’s been a crazy week. It’s been a great week, but I’m really looking forward to getting home and seeing my girls ❤️. This week’s mixtape is inspired by New York, the people I’ve been working with, and the disorientating feeling of jet lag 😂. It’s also a shorter letter this week, as I’ve so insanely busy (normal, lengthy letter service will be resumed next week).

🌪 TL;DR section 🌪
Stuff to do: watch Donald Glover recreate TLC’c Creep video; listen to the new J. Cole album it is fire; watch this insanely good video from Kelsey Lu; listen to the story of feminist punk in 33 songs; marvel at these amazing recently found photos of ’78 NYC; watch this two hour interview with Kanye; read this great interview with Olafur Arnalds; and last but not least, get hyped that ABBA are making a comeback!
📚 The notes 📚

This week, like last week, has involved a lot of travel. Right now as I write this I’m working my way back from Boston. I took the train, to try and see a little of America outside of the main cities and the train ran along the coast. It was nice. While I was staring out of the window, I thought back to the early Love Will Save the Day letters. I realised that this letter has changed quite a lot over time, and whereas it used to be about the stories behind where I found music, with some culture stuff, now it feels a bit more symmetrical.

I’ve always used music as my way of understanding culture, but increasingly that’s becoming a bit more two way – in my pursuit for understanding culture through music, I’m finding out more about culture, which in turn is helping me to find more music. Not that weird, I suppose. Also, as I get deeper and deeper into my (not so new) life at Initiative, my every day is now dedicated to culture. So I’m consuming more information about it than ever before. This means I’ve started to change the way that I talk to people about Love Will Save the Day.

Anyway, I’ve done almost no reading this week (I know, I know), but here’s what I’ll be reading on my flight home to London:

If you’ve read to here, you don’t get any rewards – it was the shortest letter yet ♥️.

See you on the dance floor.
Love Will Save the Day

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