Letter #65

Good morning / afternoon / evening,

I hope you’re well. This week we’re really lucky to have a guest editor. It’s been ages since we’ve had a guest, and I’ve got five or six waiting to go – but I’ve been holding them back for the perfect moment. This week, that perfect moment arrived for our guest letter from Becca Sawyer.

Becca and I met a few years ago when we were working at the same agency and bonded over music. She now works at the Guardian, and has been one of the biggest supporters of Love Will Save the Day since the early days. Her letter is a wonderful tribute, and the mixtape is stunning – it feels and sounds like London and all the influences within it, and the way Becca has put the tracks together make it the perfect accompaniment to the earlier sunsets, but still balmy evenings.

Big thanks for Becca, and I know you’re going to love it ❤️

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📚 The notes 📚
What a terrifying privilege to be asked to contribute to Love Will Save The Day. I’ve been listening and loving the selections and new music I’ve discovered through being part of this community, so I hope you like my contribution.

My mixtape isn’t so much a coherent exploration of any specific genre or era, but w hat it became through edit after edit is a reflection of the influences and offshoots of my love of music centred loosely on the influence of my Dad – Mick Sawyer.

I grew up in a noisy house. There was (and still is to this day) music playing at most times of the day or night – particularly when my parents had people over to eat or party with us. My Dad worked in music television in the 80s, travelled a lot to film in far flung places like Jamaica and Nigeria, and as a result the sound of my house was a bit different from most houses. I heard music from all over the world such as the opening track from Orchestra Baobab, dub and reggae, jazz from the 1960s (my father’s love of Miles Davis is well known to friends and family), funk, pop, psychedelic folk, and even hip hop made appearances and schooled me melodically, often without my noticing.

This list is a tribute to the genres and artists he played me – such as Nahawa Doumbia, and Talking Heads, and the music he bought me personally – Roni Size, Gil Scott-Heron, Leftfield. There are artists included I’ve given him in return such as the incredible Goat. The list is also a testament to where I’ve taken his influences now I don’t live at home or at least where I think I can hear them – for example the experimental electronics and house I love (STL, DJ Seinfeld, Rhythm & Sound, Red Snapper) because of his love of dub, soul and disco like Evelyn Champagne King. There are also some tracks I won’t explain – they are just wicked and I hope you agree.

Anyway – I’ve waffled enough. Hopefully you’ll find something here you like. Also big up Mick Sawyer for a young lifetime of amazing music. I love you ❤️

See you on the dance floor.
Love Will Save the Day

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