Letter #68

Good morning / afternoon / evening,

I hope you’ve had great week. If you’re new here, then this is how this works. I’ve been away all week at a work thing, so you’ve got the treat of a guest letter from Ben Isley.

I’ve never actually met Ben, but he joined our crew off the back of another brilliant guest letter (thanks Matt H!) forty letters ago or so. After a few letters he emailed to chat through some of the tracks and share some of his own thoughts and music suggestions. He shared some songs I’d never heard, but immediately loved, so naturally I asked him to put a guest letter together. He was travelling through South America at the time, and I think you can hear that in the mixtape – not in the genres, but in the mood and the tone. Beachy. Sunset. A few beers.

It’s glorious, and I know you’re going to love it.


PS Go buy the latest edition of The Move mag too.

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🌪 TL;DR section 🌪
Interesting things this week:
  1. The Gilles Peterson x Safaplace pop-up Look Up finishes this weekend – so get yourself booked in!
  2. On its ten year anniversary, read the amazing backstory of The Quietus
  3. Nick Cave is reportedly working on a new album 🌚
  4. Learn about what ecstasy does to an octopus (it’s science, honestly)
  5. There’s a new Basquiat documentary coming soon from the BBC
  6. The Beeb also recently put out a documentary on house music in the UK (of questionable quality, but everyone’s talking about it)
  7. Watch the trailer for the upcoming Yayoi Kusama documentary; Kusama – Infinity
  8. Listen to my new favourite album, from Noname
  9. Andy Warhol once shot a screen test for Bob Dylan. It’s as you’d expect
  10. Finally, Ben suggested I read The Untethered Soul, so that’s just moved to the top of my reading list
📚 The notes 📚

I’d like to thank Jed firstly for putting such an organic sharing platform such as this together, and inspiring many of us by being that catalyst through which we explore beyond what we all may otherwise. And secondly for being patient with my request to do one of these great things. The letters leading to this one have reignited times in my own musical journey, triggered me to listen to full albums that I likely wouldn’t have come across & generally enhanced my listening to music. With big boots to fill, here I am…

My main source of musical influence from a young age was my older brother, Sam. Skate films & Dr Fox’s Weekly Rundown definitely did its bit, but he was my source of new music. I remember hearing Eminem Stan at the bottom of our stairs in 2000 and my mind front flipping out of my cranium. He was, and still is, a ruthless filter and a tough nut to crack… He’ll appreciate the irony there!

I remember my first cassette being Robert Miles’ Children, and Daft Punk’s One More Time being my first CD bought with my own money – both were seen as ‘waaay too dancey’ amongst my 11 year old peers, busy slow dancing awkwardly to Destiny’s Child. But I stuck with it anyway. My main influences and I guess where I continue to draw inspiration are definitely the likes of OutKast, producers like SBTRKT & Four Tet as well as respected broadcasters like Mary-Anne Hobbs & Gilles Peterson.

As I’m sure like all guest letters prior to this one, the list has been through countless edits over a length of time. But one thread remained throughout… A wholesome challenge to myself to include a varied amount of styles that flow somewhat. Hopefully I’ve achieved that. It’s so difficult when it comes to selecting as there is so much out there worth sharing.

I hope by sharing some of ‘mine’ , I can somewhat repay the hundreds of ‘yours’ I’ve taken and loved from previous Love Will Save the Day letters. 😁

As always, if you’ve read to here, thanks for indulging me ❤️.

See you on the dance floor.
Love Will Save the Day

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