Letter #72

Good morning / afternoon / evening,

I hope you’re well. As I mentioned last week, I’m currently wandering around Sri Lanka having a proper family holiday, so this week’s letter is short but perfectly formed. We have a guest letter from Paul McDonald, one of the founding members of our little crew, and someone who has an ear for killer songs, so it’s a real gem of a playlist this week!


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📚 The notes 📚
It’s a real privilege to contribute to the ever growing, and always enlightening Love Will Save The Day library of playlists… I first approached Jed probably edging on two years ago now and volunteered my services only to spend the time in between then and now endlessly procrastinating, editing, and generally overthinking every aspect of this playlist. That’s just how I am. I take these things very seriously, because music’s very important to me.

I’ve never met Jed in person, but feel like I’ve always known him. What he gives up in his weekly letters and notes is more than most give away in years of intimate conversations and that’s something to be treasured and continually encouraged.

In his weekly notes Jed frequently talks about keeping a safe distance from comfort zones in both music and culture in general and I can relate to this ethos 100%. I grew up on a staple diet of 70s and 80s pop like every other person my age but equally, I also got to soak up 2 Tone, post punk, electro, hip hop, shoegaze, Madchester, rave, brit pop, drum and bass, trip hop, acid jazz, house, trance and techno first hand. My bibles were the NMEMelody MakerSoundsSelect and later on Mixmag and DJ Magazine and my haunts were the local indie clubs (Roundacre in Basildon on a Friday night and the Pink Toothbrush on a Saturday in Rayleigh) and later when I broadened my horizons (or expanded my mind) Fabric and Turnmills.

I hear a lot of talk about how young people these days aren’t tribal like they used to be and have their fingers in multiple cultural pies rather than belonging to one specific group, but that’s not a new thing. The mods weren’t just into The Who and The Small Faces, they were hip to Motown, Stax and Jazz too (I bet there was even some rock n roll 45s under some of their beds). More so, we know the punks were digging dub reggae and Pink Floyd as much as the Pistols and the Clash and I know I wasn’t the only person coming home after experiencing an 8 hour Sasha DJ set and putting on a Cocteau Twins album.

Anyway, I’m rambling so just to say enjoy the playlist, it’s not the soundtrack of my life but it is a partial soundtrack to my life right now and hopefully you will allow it to soundtrack a couple of hours of yours too…. Enjoy!

As always, if you’ve read to here, thanks for indulging me ❤️.

See you on the dance floor.
Love Will Save the Day

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