Letter #77


I hope you’re well. This is letter seventy seven, and it’s a bit different. I know I say that phrase quite often, but I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on this project, and many of you noticed that last week’s letter was a little different. Over the course of the last eighteen months, we’ve had some brilliant guests (thank you to every single one), some letters that I’m proud of, and to be frank, some letters where I’ve felt I’ve phoned it in a bit. Many of you have asked how I find the time to do this every single week; the truth is that I love writing this letter and sharing music with you, and I find time because of that reason.

I never started this project with any goal in mind, and if I’m honest, I never really expected anyone to read it. I thought that after the first wave of enthusiastic friends and family had gotten bored, I’d probably have just packed this in and considered it an interesting idea, but not much else. So I was as surprised as everyone else when people I didn’t know started to subscribe. Then when people that I massively admired from music and culture started joining, I had to pinch myself.

Right now there are 962 of you, and while you don’t all listen to every single letter, over the course of each month around 85% of you listen to at least two. A further 10% dip in and out, and I think about 5% never see the email because of spam filters. Over the last eighteen months around 80 people have joined us, and later unsubscribed (I know this letter isn’t for everyone). Amazingly, there is a hardcore of around 450 of you that listen to every single letter (and most of you within ten hours of it being sent out). This is (literally) a hundred times more people than I ever expected.

I can’t thank you enough for reading, listening, and sharing stuff. Without you, I wouldn’t have continued.

Before you / some of you / my dad start to think this project is finished, it absolutely isn’t, but I’ve decided to take a break for December. I never thought this would go beyond ten letters, and now it has, I’d like to spend some time thinking about this properly. I want to think about if the format, content, frequency, and distribution of the letter, and mixtape content, structure, platform, and length are still the right thing to do.

I would love your thoughts on how this could develop and progress. I’d also love for you to share our project with your friends if you think it’s good, and if you think they’d like it. The more people we have, the more suggestions people send in, and the better the quality the letters are. It genuinely makes a massive difference, so please share.

Rest assured my obsessive compulsion for listening and buying records won’t stop (it never has), and so when this is back, it’ll hopefully be better than ever. I’ll be back on the 11th of January, and until then, as always…

If you’ve read to here, thanks for indulging me ♥️.

PS Between now and the 11th of January I will almost certainly be sending an interim letter that has a Christmas playlist – here, if you can’t wait – and a little message to say happy Christmas to you all 🎄.

PPS Oh go on then, here’s my favourite letter 🖤

📃 The tracklist 📃
  1. Rufus featuring Chaka Khan – Do You Love What You Feel
  2. Le Stim – A Tribute to Muhammad Ali (We Crown the King)
  3. Little Scotty – I Want to Dance
  4. Herbie Hancock – Go For It (special 12″ version)
  5. The Mike Theodore Orchestra – Cosmic Wind
  6. Slave – Baby Sinister
  7. Yarbrough & Peoples – Don’t Stop the Music
  8. Ron Trent – Boogie Down
  9. Detroit Swindle – High Life
  10. Franc Moody – Dopamine
  11. Crazy P – Open for Service
  12. Emmanuelle – L’uomo d’Affari
  13. Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Axel Boman dub)
  14. Deep Blue – Deep Blue (The Inner Part of Me)
  15. Yoshinori Hayashi – Palanquin Bearing Monkey
  16. Anchorsong – Ancestors
  17. The Invisible – Wings (Floating Points remix)
  18. Greentea Peng – Used To
  19. Throwing Snow – Linguis
  20. Bruce – Elo
  21. E-Talking – Telephone Rose
  22. Jensen Interceptor – Lean Before the Interview
  23. Deena Abdelwahed – Al Hobb Al Mouharreb
  24. Flying Lotus – Data Entry
  25. Earl Sweatshirt – Nowhere2Go
  26. Nazar – Airstrike
  27. Run the Jewels – Let’s Go (The Royal We)
  28. Radiohead – Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors
  29. TV On The Radio – Staring at the Sun
  30. Rival Consoles – Them Is Us
See you on the dance floor.
Love Will Save the Day

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