Letter #82


I hope you’re good. I’m back from Finland. It was cold (-26c), it was beautiful (saw the aurora borealis), and it was brilliant (the work stuff). This week’s letter is a little sparse on notes, as I’ve been a bit busy (I hate saying I’m busy, but…). The last few weeks I’ve found so much brilliant new music; new jazz, new soul, and lots of interesting electronic music. The mixtape is bookended by The Prodigy, because I wanted to pay tribute, and share two of my favourite songs. RIP Keith, and please, if you feel alone, talk to someone.

I hope you enjoy the mixtape. I’ve got some exciting new guest letters coming soon, and I’ve asked a group of people who’ve been ardent supports of this project to help me start planning some bigger things too (more to come on that). If you’d like to get involved, let me know 🖤.

🌪 TL;DR Section 🌪
  1. Our very own Gabriel Szatan has written a wicked addition to RA’s Art of DJing series, this time celebrating the absolutely bonkers and brilliant Teki Latex
  2. The wonderful Sirin Kale has written a very personal piece on embracing being an introvert
  3. This massive feature from the NYTimes is doing the rounds – it’s a brilliant collection of thoughts on music that matters right now
  4. Who is Billie Eilish? I’ve included a few of her tracks here before, but it seems she’s definitely now nearly the next big thing. FADER has written a feature on Eilish that’s good.
  5. The Vinyl Factory has put together a list of the best appointment-only record shops (from dusty old lock ups to specialist stores). Worth adding these to the list.
  6. I’ve yet to play around with it, but Matt shared SpotifyEditor in his brilliant weekly newsletter, Web Curios. It’s a tool to help you edit Spotify playlists.
  7. I have such fond memories of hearing Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged album as a kid, and now Pitchfork have written a sort of ‘behind the scenes’ which I found fascinating
  8. On a Nirvana-related note, way back in the 90s Marc Jacobs caught loads of flack for badly appropriating the grunge aesthetic – looks like all that is kicking up again
  9. I’m halfway through Matt Everitt’s excellent book, The First Time, and I’ve just clocked that all of the playlists from each of the interviews are on Spotify – DIG IN!
  10. Finally, DJBooth has a really interesting piece on the school of hip-hop producers who release huge amounts of work (think Dilla, Madlib). This has sparked some thoughts…
🚀  E X C L U S I V E  🚀

One of our crew (Jenner) is throwing an excellent party at Oval Space in London on the 23rd, and it’s going to be great! The MANANA label is one of my favourites, and Ariwo will be playing a live set. Don’t miss it! Oh, and because Jenner is a total babe, he’s given us a special discount code to get 20% off the door (click here) ❤️

📃 The tracklist 📃
  1. Bjork – Venus as a Boy (Harpsichord version)
  2. Cleo Sol – One
  3. Simiah – Earth Tone
  4. Ronin Arkestra – Stranger Searching
  5. The Prodigy – 3 Kilos
  6. Ezra Collective – Chapter 7
  7. Nubiyan Twist – Permission
  8. The Comet Is Coming – Unity
  9. Jordan Rakei – Mind’s Eye
  10. Pinty – Sunday Smokes
  11. Prins Thomas – Feel the Love
  12. The Dynamics – For the Love of Money (7 Samurai Disco remix)
  13. Ed Longo – Love on the Line
  14. Jerry Paper – A Moment (Helado Negro remix)
  15. Folamour – I Only Remember You When I Sleep
  16. Helado Negro – We Will You
  17. George Fitzgerald – The Echo Forgets
  18. Lipelis – Bordeaux Lovin
  19. Obstacle – After Image
  20. Aleksi Perala – UK74R1408054
  21. Akira Ito – Praying for Mother / Earth, Pt 1
  22. BADBADNOTGOOD – In Your Eyes (Nosaj Thing remix)
  23. Young Paint – Travel Paint
  24. Hoover1 – Hoover1A
  25. Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing
  26. The Prodigy – Breathe
  27. Marie Davidson – Lara (Daniel Avery remix)
  28. Tsuruda – Kicking Wolf
  29. Angel-Ho – Drama
  30. J Rick – Short
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See you on the dance floor.
Love Will Save the Day

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